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  Legal Information

All property in Italy, (flat or house) is FREEHOLD

All foreign purchasers of properties in Italy are issued with a “Codice Fiscale” (tax number), which establishes residency in that particular “Comune”


Since 1992 a new system has been operating whereby one no longer has to pay a lump sum on the net gain of the property Instead, an annual tax is calculated on the property’s declared value and based on an official price scale

However there is no profits tax on re-sale if you have owned your house for at least five years Under five years there will be a small tax to pay based not on the real resale price and profit, but on a much lower notional (declared value) figure The purchaser always pays both the Notary’s fee and the government tax on the purchase

Importation of Funds

There are no restrictions on purchase monies being imported into Italy, but to ensure that proceeds of any resale can be repatriated, the purchaser is advised to obtain official documentation of the importation of those purchase monies and any incidental costs The funds should be deposited in an Italian bank, and this can be easily arranged through your own bank or through UNICASA who will arrange banking services for you Re-sales involving the payment of the purchase money outside Italy are permissible between non-residents but rights to repatriation of funds should be expressly included in the conveyance


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